Monday, July 25, 2011

Extreme Couponing??!!!

So, I saw this show - Extreme Couponing - and well, it intrigued me. People were buying everyday items and getting them for free. They were using a simple concept - clip coupons, print online, order them, etc - and use them when the items are on sale.

I was fascinated.
So I decided to start this on a MUCH smaller scale. I dont see a need for 1300 boxes of total - but if I could cut my grocery bill down a little....I would be happy.
I never thought that within one week I would cut my grocery bill in half - and in three a third....and Im hoping for better results.

Now, I cant stand to pay full price for anything - it drives me nuts.
And when I see other people in the store without coupons I want to help them, but my husband said I probably shouldnt do that, so I thought....a blog about the deals that I got, that you can too, might help.

Grocery Prices are not going to go down, so we might as well do what we can to save money.   So lets see how I do! 

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